Guelph (November 21, 2016) – Brandy Giannetta will be representing the newly formed Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario (REAO) at Ministry of Energy led consultations this afternoon in Guelph. Giannetta will be calling on the Ontario government to protect local jobs while at the same time ensuring that Guelph residents have access to clean and affordable renewable energy.

Since 2012 at least 460 jobs have been created in region by the renewables industry, representing at least 180,000 person hours of work for the people of Guelph. Since 2008, renewable energy projects have invested over $14 billion in Ontario’s economy and have created over 200,000 jobs in Ontario. At a local level, municipalities have received close to $2 billion in revenues from land-lease payments, municipal property taxes, and community vibrancy funds. Furthermore three quarters of Ontarians who responded to a recent EKOS poll voiced their support for the provinces’ move away from coal and towards renewable energy.

Giannetta will be making the following points to Ontario officials today:

1) Renewable energy helps to stabilize long-term energy costs.
2) Ontarians support renewable energy by wide margins, and are in favour of increased investment in renewable energy technologies.
3) Investment in renewable energy technology has resulted in the creation good paying jobs in the Niagara region. Since 2012, renewable energy has created over 1000 jobs in the region, and increased the regions employment capacity by a minimum of three hundred thousand working hours. This new work has a positive economic impact for the province and the municipalities that host renewable energy sites.
4) As Ontario moves toward the implementation of the Climate Change Action Plan, there is a projected increase in demand for energy and Ontario will need to meet this increase in a cost effective and carbon neutral way.
5) Ontario must stick to the target of 50 per cent renewables by 2025 if it is to maintain its place as a world leader in renewable energy in the face of stiff international competition from China and India.
6) Renewable energy is now as cost effective as other sources of energy. It is not the reason Ontarians have been facing higher hydro rates.


“Renewable energy like wind is now equal in cost to traditional energy sources. India and China are investing billions of dollars into renewable energy industries. We can’t afford to lose any more ground.”

Brandy Giannetta – Ontario Regional Director, Canadian Wind Energy Association and member of the Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario

“Renewables such as wind and solar are the safest, most economical, environmentally friendly and healthiest way for us to generate energy for our province. Investment in renewables also creates many jobs for Operating Engineers and other building trades in Ontario. Renewable energy should remain a vital part of Ontario’s long-term energy plan.”

Mike Gallagher – Business Manager, Local 793, International Union of Operating Engineers

Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario:

The Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario is a broad coalition of employers, labour and industry groups dedicated to working with the Ontario government to ensure renewable energy continues to play a vital role in Ontario’s energy mix. At present membership includes the following organizations:

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Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario
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