Coalition will continue to oppose those who would put thousands of clean tech jobs at risk

QUEENS PARK, ON, Oct. 26, 2017 /CNW/ – The Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario (REAO) Welcomes Ontario’s renewed commitment to the jobs, economic growth and clean air associated with green energy.

Although our coalition is disappointed that Ontario isn’t following Alberta’s lead in setting hard targets for the percentage of renewables as part of the energy mix, we agree that today’s release of the province’s new Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) is a positive first step towards reaffirming this government’s commitment to renewable energy.

There is much to celebrate in Ontario’s renewable record, as we have seen renewable energy become more affordable and on par with other forms of generation, we have seen Green House Gas emissions drop and our society and economy benefit. As prices continue to drop and technology advances, the government must remain steadfast and not be swayed by myths and fake news being spread against green energy for political reasons.

Since 2008, renewable energy projects have invested over $14 billion in Ontario’s economy and have created over 200,000 jobs in Ontario. The REAO and the thousands of Ontarians we represent will continue to keep all politicians feet to the fire when it comes to protecting these jobs.


“Renewables such as wind and solar are the safest, most economical, environmentally friendly and healthiest way for us to generate energy for our province. Investment in renewables also creates many jobs for Operating Engineers and other building trades in Ontario. It’s my hope that with this plan renewable energy will remain a vital part of Ontario’s long-term energy plan.”

Mike Gallagher – Business Manager, Local 793, International Union of Operating Engineers and a Director of the Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario

Ontario has paved the way for renewables in Canada and has set the bar for efficient installation and operations. Thousands of meaningful long-term jobs and careers have been created out of the initiatives that were in place. Long-standing and newly created Ontario companies will now play a significant role across North America and they will continue to create further jobs and tax dollars for Ontario.”

Jason Dashney – Chief Executive Officer of Surespan Wind Energy Services Ltd. and a Director of the Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario

Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario:

The Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario is a broad coalition of employers, labour, environmental, healthcare and industry groups dedicated to working with the Ontario government to ensure renewable energy continues to play a vital role in Ontario’s energy mix. At present membership includes the following organizations:

SOURCE The Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario (REAO)

For further information: Media Contact: Grant Cameron, Renewable Energy Alliance of Ontario, 905-469-9299

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